San Antonio International Airport:
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San Antonio International Airport:
Residential Acoustical Treatment Program

Construction Amount:
$22.4 million

Services Provided:
QA/QC Inspections
Contract Administration
Constructability Review
Project Close-out

FCMG is providing Design Review, Inspections and Testing services on over 450 existing houses for this City and Federally funded program. FCMG’s services include; review of the design documents provided by the Acoustical Treatment Consultant for code compliance, industry standard acoustical design practices and confirmation of FAA funding eligibility criteria. FCMG is providing Construction Inspection to observe and assure that the construction is carried out in conformity with the contract documents, and in accordance with the customary practices of professional engineers and consultants.


8610 N. New Braunfels, Suite 606 San Antonio, Texas 78217 T: 210.804.1004
Expansion Program | Improvements | Parking Garage | On Call Resident Inspection | Residential Acoustical Treatment Program